Get Crafty: Scrap Fabric Solution!

What you will need:

1. Embroidery hoop (paint hoop if desired)

2. Embroidery Thread & Needle

3. Fabric scraps

4. Scissors

5. Print out of letter

6. Tape

• Start by finding a good font and sizing it to fit into your hoop.   I wasn’t sure if I preferred the “N” or the “n” so I printed out both.  I chose to use the Cooper font, it is a good chubby font with an easy outline to stitch around.

• Next, choose your base fabric and insert it into hoop.  Make sure you pull it tightly and then trim off edges.

• Next, cut out your initial leaving room around edges.  Take your cut out, tape it to your other fabric and cut around the edges this time to make your fabric initial.

• Place your initial in the center of your fabric and start sewing the edges.  You can do this however you like, small stitches, x stitches, long stitches.  Once completed, knot thread at back.

• Hang!

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